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Estate Planning

The Guy On TV Says I Can Do My Own Will!

By May 19, 2016No Comments

We’ve all seen the ads and on late-night TV:

“Need a will? No problem. Just give us your address and payment information, and we’ll send you the forms. Fill in the blanks and you’re done!”

You may be done all right, in more ways than one.

There are main reasons clients come to estate planning attorneys for wills, trusts and related documents.

Legal Specialty. Estate planning is a unique legal specialty, practiced by attorneys with extensive legal, tax and accounting backgrounds. It involves federal and different states’ inheritance, tax, execution and recordation requirements.

One-size-fits-all forms don’t account for the nuances of each state or each individual. They could disserve a purchaser’s purposes or yield adverse tax bills.

Self-help estate planning websites even contain disclaimers stating they are not law firms and do not give legal advice. See In other words, don’t trust “us” for anything.

Personal Client Relationships. FOS’s estate planning attorneys go the extra mile—they combine their substantive estate planning experience and expertise with direct, personal client relationships.

Every client’s estate plan is unique based on the client’s circumstances, wants and needs, and the applicable law. FOS’s estate planning attorneys know their clients, the law, and how to achieve an appropriate individualized plan.

The disposition of assets at death is of monumental and personally important. As such, there is no substitute for continued, face-to-face communications with a dedicated estate planning professional.

Forget the forms. Contact FOS for an estate plan that effectively and efficiently protects you and your family, and minimizes your potential tax liabilities, all at a reasonable cost.