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I graduated from North Dakota State on scholarship with a double major and two national championship rings from playing Division I football. I graduated from Marquette Law School with an accepted job offer at Fox, O’Neill and Shannon. Life seems to be going my way.

That’s how life usually seems to go, until it takes a turn for the worse. For many people, it’s just a matter of time. With that said, I need an estate plan.

An estate plan was never on my mind. I’m 27 and regularly work out. I get an annual check-up and eat healthy – except for my kryptonite, ice cream and cookies.

But as of right now, I don’t have a will, or even a health care power of attorney. I’m sorry to say, my estate plan doesn’t exist. If I get in an accident, who will make my health care decisions? Who will pay my bills?

I am fortunate to own a house, a car, a cat (Prim, a professional cuddler), a mint condition Green Bay Packers suit and a room full of law school books.

If something were to happen to me without my having an estate plan, Prim could end up back at the Humane Society without a home.

The thought that my law school books could up and vanish into some stranger’s book collection makes me sick to my stomach. Forget my house, who should end up with my Packers suit?

I guess it’s time for an estate plan. I am lucky to be surrounded by FOS colleagues who specialize in estate planning. However, being surrounded by them does me no good without my taking action.
Just as the old saying goes, “talk is cheap.”

If I had the brains to make it through law school, I certainly can sit down with an estate planning attorney at FOS and discuss and create my estate plan.