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Estate Planning

Fox, O’Neill & Shannon’s estate planning attorneys understand that estate planning encompasses much more than simply drafting wills, trust agreements, financial powers of attorney and health care powers of attorney.

Fox, O’Neill & Shannon’s estate planning attorneys assist clients in building, preserving and ultimately transferring their wealth to their families and preferred charities. Through trusts, marital property agreements, insurance and beneficiary designations, FOS helps clients control their assets’ distribution while avoiding taxes and administrative costs. An important component for family businesses is generational succession planning, through buy-sell agreements, installment sales, recapitalizations and gifting programs.

Based on each client’s needs and desires, FOS’s estate planning attorneys may prepare the following:

  • Will
  • Trust
  • Marital property agreement
  • Beneficiary designations for financial accounts, certificates of deposit and treasury bills, retirement plans, insurance policies
  • Retitling of assets consistent with estate plan
  • Gift returns and related documents
  • General durable power of attorney
  • Health care power of attorney

Helping family members take needed steps upon the death of a loved one, including:

  • Transferring assets
  • Funding trusts
  • Making distributions to beneficiaries
  • Engaging in probate proceedings
  • Defending claims against assets
  • Preparing income/gift tax returns

Practicing Attorneys

William Fitzhugh Fox


Gregory J. Ricci


Mark J. Andres


Kenneth P. Barczak

Of Counsel

Our estate planning experiences with FOS have been very positive. FOS is more personal. I'm comfortable with their people.