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Divorce & Family

Together or apart, families endure.

Fox, O’Neill & Shannon has extensive experience in providing high quality legal representation, tailored to each client’s – and their family’s – specific needs.  FOS attorneys practice in all areas of family law, including divorce, legal separation, custody and placement disputes, post-judgment modifications, paternity and prenuptial agreements.

Because every family is different, no two cases are alike. FOS attorneys understand this, and bring their unique experience in other practice areas – and those skills in business law, litigation and tax, to the table to craft creative solutions to fit each client’s needs, while protecting a client’s rights.  This allows us to work together with our clients to develop a comprehensive strategy that minimizes unnecessary costs while achieving both short and long-term client goals.  And, while it is true that most family law cases ultimately settle, FOS attorneys are also experienced litigators, prepared to take your case to trial if a negotiated settlement cannot be reached.

With offices located in downtown Milwaukee and in Elm Grove, we offer convenience and flexibility to suit your needs. Our family law attorneys practice through Southeastern Wisconsin.

When a child is born to unmarried parents, the parties must act to protect their legal rights and the legal rights of the child. Without a legal paternity determination, a child has no inheritance rights from his or her father. And without an order determining custody and placement, or establishing child support, a father has no legal rights or obligations towards his child.

Whether you want to establish your child’s paternity, or have been served in a state action to determine paternity, FOS’s family law attorneys can help you to navigate through this complex process.

Families and circumstances change. What worked for your family at the time of your divorce might not work now. Or your ex may not be following the agreement you reached or the orders the court imposed. FOS’s family law attorneys can help you achieve the relief you seek.

Special rules apply to requests to modify or enforce child support, custody or physical placement orders. Because the foremost concern in any family law action is the children’s best interests, the court always retains jurisdiction to modify orders regarding these matters. Specific rules and standards, however, apply to modification requests. Our attorneys are well-versed in the law, and can assist you in evaluating and effectuating your proposed changes, whether through stipulation or litigation.

FOS routinely advises individuals who wish to protect and classify their assets, whether in the event of a divorce or for estate planning purposes. Often, parties want to make sure that they provide for children from a previous relationship. Others may wish to mitigate the uncertainty of what a court might order in the unfortunate event of a divorce.

In either case, individuals turn to the attorneys at FOS to assist them in carefully crafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement protecting their interests. We bring our unique mix of business understanding, litigation experience, family law knowledge, and tax and estate planning expertise to assist our clients.

Unfortunately, in some cases, charges of emotional, psychological and/or physical abuse are made and must be addressed. FOS’s family law attorneys, working with the firm’s criminal and civil litigation attorneys, have substantial experience handling a variety of matters relating to injunctions and restraining orders, including obtaining relief for victims and defending against false allegations.

To learn more about injunctions and restraining orders, click here.

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