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For any business, the potential for litigation looms like an ever-present dark cloud.  A lawsuit can mean years of unending document demands, depositions, motions, and a trial.  Legal fees mount while your everyday business operations twist in the winds of uncertainty.

To address these concerns, the Wisconsin Supreme Court created a pilot program of dedicated trial courts throughout the state to handle limited types of commercial litigation.

These “Business Courts” handle larger complex business fights, shareholder disputes, antitrust allegations, non-compete agreements and disagreements within a business organization.  The Business Court judges have specific experience and expertise in business and commercial litigation.  Program proponents say that such judges can more effectively and efficiently streamline larger, complex commercial litigation.

Critics fear that business interests have too much influence over the selection of the program’s judges, who may favor large businesses over individual litigants.

The Business Court judges insist that the courts are designed to apply even-handed justice to individuals and businesses alike.

Time will tell whether the program is successful and will be made permanent.

In the meantime, litigation may become necessary for your company despite its best efforts to avoid a courtroom.

If appropriate, a Business Court may move your case along more effectively and efficiently and bring about a quicker resolution (through settlement or a trial), than traditional courts.

If your company finds itself in a business dispute, FOS’s business attorneys can guide you through the litigation process.