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Attorney Matthew W. O’Neill was recently featured in the Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association’s (EDWBA) February newsletter for his contributions to the organization. The EDWBA took a look back at its legacy throughout the years. The article discussed several distinguished attorneys and recounted their impressions of the how the EDWBA formed and how it continues to benefit attorneys working in the Eastern District. Matt’s contributions to the profession and to the EDWBA were featured prominently.

A fellow attorney working on the opposite side of a redistricting case believed that Matt’s unique perspective and ability to connect would be a great addition to the Association. Matt commented that getting involved in the EDWBA has led to some wonderful relationships with local attorneys and has allowed him to serve as its President. According to Matt, the best part of that leadership role was having access to the “President’s Club” that debates nominations for EDWBA awards. “No special jacket or scarf or badge, but I may work to change that,” says Matt.

Matt’s creativity and enthusiasm were on full display when he helped to create the “Humor in the Law Award,” in honor of the late Judge Terence W. Evans, who served as a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Eastern District of Wisconsin, and Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge. According to Matt, he was, “the funniest federal judge ever.” Each year Matt comes up with a new and hilarious way to present the award’s trophy. Whether he chooses to present the award as a delivery man, Princess Leia, or an Oscars-style award show host, the presentation is highly anticipated comic relief at the EDWBA annual meeting.

Congratulations to Matt for helping to create a valuable sense of community while vigorously representing his clients.