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The downtown intersection of Water Street and Michigan Avenue has been notoriously perilous, with left-turning vehicles seemingly forgetting they share the intersection with pedestrians.

After years of close calls, including almost being hit by left-turning vehicles twice during a single crossing attempt, Fox, O’Neill & Shannon legal assistant Beth Sanders decided to take matters into her own hands.

Beth brought her safety concerns to FOS business managers Jason Koehler and Judy Janetski, who themselves experienced the intersection’s dangers.

The result was a letter to the City of Milwaukee recounting their safety concerns and requesting that the stoplight’s “Walk” sign begin before the light turns green, similar to that at the intersection of Water Street and Wisconsin Avenue. That would have given pedestrians a head start on left-turning traffic.

The City took the letter seriously. While it indicated the results of its research did not warrant the specific request, the City did agree to install a “No Left Turn” sign from southbound Water Street onto eastbound Michigan Avenue.

Words became action. The “No Left Turn” sign is up, and pedestrians can feel a little safer crossing the intersection.

FOS congratulates Beth for her activism, and Jason and Judy for their support.

They say it takes a village. In downtown Milwaukee, it takes three caring and concerned FOS employees.