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FOS Celebrates Bruce O’Neill

By March 28, 2016May 15th, 2020No Comments

ONeill Family in Spring 2016 Newsletter
On February 11, 2016, FOS honored shareholder Bruce O’Neill, who is scaling down his practice as he copes with ALS. Bruce has been the rock of the firm.

The colorful toasts were a testament to Bruce’s epic legal career, legendary rhetorical skills, and sanguine approach to his present illness. Bill Fox described Bruce’s critical role in the firm’s survival and his decades-long string of client wins.

Tom Shannon recounted their 40 years of daily lunches (over 10,000 cups of soup!), and bonding over their large families. Bill Soderstrom honored Bruce’s traditional role as firm toastmaster, and led all in Irish ballads. The normally reticent Diane Slomowitz toasted from the heart. We love you Bruce!