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Bruce C. O’Neill: The Best

By December 30, 2016No Comments

Our hearts broke September 3, 2016, when we lost our beloved litigator, partner, mentor, counselor, orator, toastmaster and friend, Bruce O’Neill. He passed away from ALS, a loathsome disease deserving of banishment to Dante’s ninth ring of hell.

Bruce was among the very best litigators in Wisconsin. A superlative strategist, gifted writer and peerless speaker, Bruce thrived in the courtroom. He loved to try cases. Justice, to him, always won out when adversaries had their fair day in court. Win or lose, when the system worked – and it always did for Bruce’s clients – the clients knew they received justice.

Bruce gave the best toasts. At every firm event, Bruce’s speech invariably thrilled us and brought us to tears, in equal measure. He had the knack for capturing the essence of every person, every moment, every emotion, everything that was important. He was the very heart of the firm.

Bruce was generous with his time. His crowded office was filled with pro bono work selflessly performed for friends, family, and causes near to his heart. He mentored almost everyone at the firm at one time or another, and we are all the better for it.

Bruce was our friend. Our best friend.