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Avoid a Sticky Situation When it Comes to Your License Plate Renewal Stickers

By December 11, 2015April 28th, 2020No Comments

Just when you think you’ve done everything right. Without delay, you got right on top of renewing your vehicle registration, soon after receiving notice in the mail from the Department of Transportation (“DOT’).

First, you hunted down a state-approved vehicle inspection facility. Next, you took your car to that facility to have it tested for emissions, which is required every other year for most vehicles, unless you have a vehicle that is exempted from the testing requirements. Your vehicle passed. Great!

Now, once you’ve submitted proof that your vehicle has passed emissions, and you’ve submitted your registration renewal fee, you’re finally rewarded with brand new, shiny renewal stickers.

You assume you’re home free. You slap the stickers any ole place on your license plate and head on down the road, proudly proclaiming to the world through your stickers that your vehicle is legitimate to be operated on our Wisconsin roadways.

That is, of course, until you’re pulled over by the police for violating state law governing where and how your stickers must be displayed on your license plate.

Wisconsin law mandates that the sticker indicating the year must be visible, and must be displayed in the lower right hand corner of your license plate, underneath the last digit of the license plate number. The month sticker should be in the lower left hand corner.

If the stickers are displayed anywhere else on your license plate, the police have a basis to pull you over. So, avoid getting stuck in a sticky situation by sticking your renewal stickers in the proper place on your vehicle’s license plate.

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