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This is the third and final in a series of articles celebrating FOS’s 60th anniversary. This article describes the firm in its current form, and its expectations for the future. If you have any stories, pictures, or video regarding FOS’s history which you’d be willing to share, please send to or call 414-273-3939.


The first and second installment of this “60 Years of Fox, O’Neill & Shannon” described FOS’s origin, and its development and expansion into the law firm it is today.  Click here for Part 1 and Part 2.  From the first provision of legal services by firm founder William Fitzhugh Fox, to the legal services provided by FOS’s most recent additions, FOS has built and maintained its deserved reputation as a high quality, practical, cost-effective law firm which provides results for its clients.


The constant in life is change, “they” say. The same is true for law firms and their legal practice areas. While no one can predict what new legal issues will arise in the next 20, much less 60, years, FOS is prepared to respond to whatever legal issues its clients bring, now and in the future. How can that be? Because FOS hires and will continue to hire the attorneys best suited to learn, understand and apply new laws, new legal concepts, and new legal issues. Attorneys with strong substantive, analytical backgrounds and communication skills. Attorneys who recognize the importance of their clients’ needs and desires. Attorneys who prefer practical results over scorched earth tactics. Attorneys who get the job done.


Attorneys who adhere to the firm’s motto: “Our Clients Come First.”


As FOS rings through its 60th year, the firm remains committed and proud to provide high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective legal services for its Milwaukee, Wisconsin, national and international clients.  FOS is thankful for the legacy laid by FOS’s “big three,” the legacies made by its current attorneys, and the legacies to be made in the future. Above all, FOS thanks you, our valued clients, for allowing us to serve you for the past 60 years. And far into the future.