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All eyes will be on Milwaukee next summer, as the Democratic Nominating Convention descends on our fair city July 13-16, 2020.
The city kindly agreed to slide the Convention in between Summerfest and Festa Italiana, so we Milwaukeeans do not get bored or lonely in the middle of the summer.
The Convention is expected to draw more than 50,000 guests to the city.
Early forecasts call for sunshine the entire week with temperatures in the mid-70’s.
The Convention’s primary function is to formally select the Democratic candidate for the November 2020 election.
That process is controlled, under the Democratic party’s rules, by up to 3,769 “pledged” delegates and 765 “super delegates.”
The pledged delegates are based on primary voting among the 50 states; super delegates are chosen by the party but expected to conform to the aggregate primary winner.
The Convention’s secondary function is to allow a political party to advertise its candidates and issues, and begin the presidential campaign in earnest.
There will be lots of speeches, sign waving, chanting and messaging.
The Convention’s third function is for the party to shine a light on a region perceived to be critical to the Presidential election.
This is why Milwaukee was chosen as the host city over Miami, Houston and Denver.
Wisconsin is a true battleground for state and presidential elections, with extremely narrow margins in many recent elections.
The Convention presents a unique opportunity for Milwaukee to boost its national image, and for local businesses to thrive.
Hotels for the big event are already filled, so local residents may consider making some money by renting out their homes. We here at FOS will be available to serve the legal needs of Convention-goers.
We promise to smile and wave at folks taking pictures of our ladybugs.