Wisconsin Law Journal honors Diane Slomowitz

FOS congratulates shareholder Diane Slomowitz for being named one of the 2012 Women in the Law by the Wisconsin Law Journal. Diane will be honored at a dinner to be held June 21 at the Pfister Hotel. Diane specializes in appellate motions and briefs, legal research, and legal writing. If FOS has represented you as.

The great Wisconsin Supreme Court

Our Wisconsin Supreme Court has been much in the news the past few years, and not always in a good light. It is important to remember that the court is a great institution with a proud history. The Supreme Court was formed in 1853, five years after Wisconsin became a state. The Court originally had.

Reclassify independent contractors – Is it for you?

Properly characterizing workers as employees versus independent contractors is a continuing dilemma. Employees subject employers to financial and record-keeping obligations, involving withholding, payroll taxes, overtime, unemployment compensation and workers compensation. Independent contractors, on the other hand, do not subject employers to many of these obligations. Generally, the test of employment versus independent contractor status involves.

Recent Wisconsin tax changes

During the past year, several Wisconsin tax changes were enacted. Three deserve special attention. Deduction for New Employees Effective for tax year 2011 (tax returns now being filed), businesses that increased the number of full-time equivalent Wisconsin employees may claim a special deduction. The deduction is $4,000 per eligible employee for businesses with gross receipts of.

FOS lawyers are super

FOS congratulates Bruce O’Neill, Matt O’Neill and Ken Barczak for being named Super Lawyers, all for the 6th year in a row. They were formally recognized in the December, 2011 Super Lawyer edition of Milwaukee Magazine as top Wisconsin business litigation attorneys. Senior partner Bruce O’Neill specializes in commercial litigation and family law, and has.

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