Answers to your election questions

Election season is here. Again. Just when you thought the dust settled after the recall election, Wisconsin finds itself poised to be a swing state in the Presidential election and has a hotly-contested open Senate seat to boot. As the non-stop campaigning wages on, you may be asking yourself some questions. Here are some answers.

New landlord/tenant laws – Be forwarned and forarmed

Many FOS clients own rental properties, and are, therefore, subject to Wisconsin’s landlord/tenant laws. In March, several provisions of those laws were significantly changed. These changes, effective April, 2012, will have immediate impact. Some changes favor landlords. A municipality may no longer impose a moratorium on evictions. This negates ordinances that, for example, prevent evictions.

FOS on the move

FOS shareholder Mike Hanrahan will speak on the topic “Pretrial Discovery Response to Daubert Challenges” at the annual Wisconsin Bar Association Litigation, Dispute Resolution and Appellate Practice Institute, on June 12, in Wisconsin Dells. FOS shareholder Greg Ricci will be a panelist at the Milwaukee Bar Association’s June 29 program titled “LLCs: From Formation to.

“My business”

You’ve spent years building up your business. You’ve developed your product or service, come up with the perfect name for it, and spent lots of time, money and effort making that name a recognizable and valuable business asset. You’d do anything to protect that effort, and stop someone else from capitalizing on your hard work,.

Protect your identity before it’s someone else’s

Imagine that you’re about to purchase a ticket for a cruise you’ve been waiting for all year, only to have your credit card denied because it’s over the limit, even though you don’t remember making any purchases. Or, you’re about to apply for a loan for that dream home, only to be denied by the.

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