Protecting family members with special needs

In 1991, our mother prematurely passed away and I was appointed legal guardian for my younger brother, Clancey, a minor, and my older brother Timothy, who is intellectually disabled.

I have had the honor of being Timothy’s legal guardian for the past twenty-three years. Timothy has taught me the name and number of every starting player on the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers World Series Championship Team. I truly believe that key piece of baseball trivia will come in handy someday.

I am extremely proud of Timothy for recently living independently with minimal assistance. Timothy’s Special Needs Trust allows me the peace of mind to know he will be able to maintain his current quality of life if I am unable to continue the personal care and financial support I currently provide due to illness or death.

Over the years, I have met countless families who do their absolute best to provide for their loved ones with special needs.

The majority of these families do not have a Special Needs Trust established.

Their family members with intellectual disabilities often times remain their own guardians.

Contact an FOS estate planning attorney to determine if a Special Needs Trust, guardianship or other option is appropriate for your family member with special needs.