Practice corner – Trademarks

Shakespeare once famously wrote “What’s in a name?” As business owners know, a lot. And competitors’ products or services that try to capitalize on that name are not nearly as sweet as your own.

Recognizing the importance of protecting a business’s brand, identity and reputation, in today’s business climate, FOS is growing its trademark practice to help clients identify, maintain and preserve these important assets.

Who should consider registering their trademarks? Any business that sells products or offers services using a specific name or logo.

Why do I need to register my mark? To provide nationwide notice, of your claim to the mark, to provide evidence that you own the mark, and to protect your opportunity to enforce your rights to the mark through the Patent and Trademark Office.

How can the FOS Trademark team help you with your marks?

  • • “Clear” your mark to make sure it is available for registration
  • • Submit your registration
  • • Prosecute and defend trademark oppositions, cancellations and appeals
  • • Manage important deadlines and filing requirements
  • • Defend against infringing uses of your trademarks
  • • Negotiate trademark licenses and transfers


To discuss how to better protect your trademarks, contact Laurna Jozwiak at