Separation agreements and older workers

Your sales team is underperforming, so you’ve decided to cut the 5 employees with the worst records. Or, your employer is undergoing reorganization, and you’ve heard that your department is going to be downsized by 10%. Even though employment may be “at will,” employers often offer separation agreements to departing employees. Those employees get some.

FOS on the move

FOS shareholder Fran Hughes will present “Social Media in the Workplace” on March 15, 2013. The presentation is part of the Marquette University Law School’s Annual Traveling CLE Program, in Phoenix, Arizona. FOS shareholder Matt O’Neill will moderate the program “How to Handle a Rambo Opposing Counsel or a Challenging Judge,” presented to the Thomas.

The Affordable Care Act and you

A lot has been made about the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act between the Supreme Court decision and President Obama’s reelection. The law has a pervasive reach. Below are some of the impacts that it will have in the current year and going forward. Individuals Insurance companies can no longer drop.

Who are you? Are you sure?

The rise in identify theft has given rise to increased identify verification. For example, my wife and I recently purchased a new car. We were required to verify our identities before the dealer would accept our check. Identity verification has now spread to the tax world. During the past few years, scammers have increasingly used.

FOS lawyers are top rated

FOS shareholders Thomas Shannon, Francis Hughes, Michael Hanrahan, William Soderstrom and Matthew O’Neill have been named 2013 Top Rated Lawyers by American Lawyer Media and Martindale-Hubbell ™. Tom and Fran were honored real estate attorneys, Mike in the labor and employment law specialty, Bill as a mergers and acquisitions attorney, and Matt as a commercial.

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