Fox, O’Neill & Shannon, S.C. attorneys Bailey Larsen & Lauren Maddente celebrate the firm’s membership in the Waukesha County Business Alliance through receipt of a commemorative membership plaque. The Waukesha Freeman.


                             FOS Shareholders Matt O’Neill and Mike Koutnik presented on the issue of cyber fraud in real estate at the March 19, 2018 meeting of the Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin. Nearly 100 people attended the event to learn more about cyber fraud.

FOS is Number 1 – Twice!

Fox, O’Neill, & Shannon, S.C. has been named Best Contract Law Firm and Best Family Law Firm in the Wisconsin Law Journal’s 2018 Reader Rankings. The rankings were made based on votes from attorneys and others in the legal field.

How do the New Individual Tax Changes Affect You?

Like him or hate him, President Trump recently passed his first major legislation while in office with the tax reform bill passing through the senate in a 51-48 vote. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“Tax Act”) not only substantially reduced the corporate tax rate, but made significant changes to individual taxes as well. The.

Grand Jury Subpoenas: A Trap for the Unwary, by Jacob Manian

A grand jury subpoena is an indispensable tool for government prosecutors to gather evidence in a criminal investigation. Prosecutors can use a grand jury subpoena to compel individuals to testify under oath before a federal grand jury, or to produce documents or both. Prosecutors can have a grand jury subpoena served on a company as.

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