2018 has been a great year at FOS. The economic boom has generated an enormous amount of activity here, particularly in our corporate,  tax and real estate groups. We have been challenged at times, but nonetheless have kept up with the work. Mike Koutnik was made a partner this year. Mike mainly provides services  in.

New Lawyer, New Estate Plan

I graduated from North Dakota State on scholarship with a double major and two national championship rings from playing Division I football. I graduated from Marquette Law School with an accepted job offer at Fox, O’Neill and Shannon. Life seems to be going my way. That’s how life usually seems to go, until it takes.

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking? Wisconsin Revises Landlord-Tenant Laws

Wisconsin’s landlord-tenant laws continue to evolve, with a new batch of changes now effective this year.  Below are a few of the more significant changes. Emotional Support Animals An “emotional support animal” provides emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship for an individual, but is not trained to help an individual with a disability. Under the.

Tax Reform Act – A Game Changer For Pass-Through Entities?

Last year’s tax reform significantly modified individual and business tax rates. Major changes for individuals (set to expire December 31, 2025) include a reduction in rates, the roughly doubling of the standard deduction, and the removal of personal exemptions. On the business side, the corporate rate fell (with no expiration date) from 35 percent to.

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