Maddente Honored by Susan G. Komen Wisconsin

  FOS associate Lauren Maddente received the Rookie of the Year award for her role as Volunteer and Entertainment Co-Chair at the Susan G. Komen Wisconsin More Than Pink Walk. The award highlights a volunteer who is in their first year in their role but comes on board with a positive attitude and is driven,.

Fraudulent Transfers – Know When to Sue

A debtor, faced with a creditor’s lawsuit or judgment, will sometimes transfer property to a spouse, affiliated business or other third-party, and then claim “poverty” to avoid paying the debt. Wisconsin’s Fraudulent Transfer Act provides remedies for such defrauded creditors. Those remedies, however, don’t last forever. Wisconsin law bars a fraudulent transfer action that is.

Divorced? Moving? Make Sure Your Child Can Come, Too.

You did the hard work. You negotiated a placement schedule in your divorce that works for you, your ex, and serves your child’s best interests. Now, you’re faced with a work restructuring, a promotion, or a life-changing job offer in your dream city. Can you move? Can your ex stop you? What about your child’s.

Chinese Tariffs – Any Way Around Them?

In today’s global market, virtually all businesses import goods in one form or another, primarily from China. Whether it be the component parts incorporated into final products or the equipment used to create those products, the goods that companies are importing from China are cutting deeper into their pocketbooks at a significantly higher rate under.

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