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Maddente Mentors

      FOS associate Lauren Maddente is participating in the Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association’s Mentorship Program. This program is especially significant to Lauren because it gives her the opportunity to speak with a high school student regarding the student’s future. Lauren is mentoring during the 2017-2018 school term.

It’s Official – FOS Lawyers are Super!

FOS congratulates FOS shareholder Matt O’Neill, and FOS of-counsel Ken Barczak, for being named 2017 Super Lawyers. Matt received special recognition as a Super Lawyers Wisconsin “Top 50.” FOS also congratulates shareholders Jake Manian and Laurna Kinnel, and associate Mike Koutnik, for being named Super Lawyer Rising Stars. All five are formally recognized as top.

Keep Your Holidays Safe and Merry

Holiday parties. Love them or hate them, they’re a year-end ritual. Almost all of us host or attend at least one festive function during the season. Food, music, alcohol. What could go wrong? Plenty, if you don’t monitor your own and others’ actions. Hosting a party? Watch out for thirsty teens. Wisconsin’s host immunity statute.

New Federal Law Adds to Companies’ Trade Secret Arsenals

If your business maintains trade secrets related to services or products intended for use across state lines, you may now have new remedies and a direct route to federal court in the event of misappropriation. Wisconsin’s trade secret statute, § 134.90, has been in place for many years. It provides compensatory and potential punitive damages.

New Law Grants Landlords Additional Means to Remove Tenants

Do you suspect your tenant, a family member, or “guest” is conducting criminal activity on your property? Under a new Wisconsin landlord-tenant law, landlords may now evict that tenant through a five day notice. New Wis. Stat. §704.17(3m) provides landlords additional remedies to protect their property, other tenants, and themselves from a tenant or someone.