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Can’t You Hear Me Knocking? Wisconsin Revises Landlord-Tenant Laws

Wisconsin’s landlord-tenant laws continue to evolve, with a new batch of changes now effective this year.  Below are a few of the more significant changes. Emotional Support Animals An “emotional support animal” provides emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship for an individual, but is not trained to help an individual with a disability. Under the.

New Law Limits Local Discretion in Conditional Use Process

Maybe you want to open a coffee shop down the street. The area, however, may not be zoned for coffee shops. You’ve hesitated because you would have to obtain special zoning approval through a conditional use permit (“CUP”), which allows a landowner to use land in a way not otherwise permitted under traditional zoning. Now.

Koutnik and O’Neill Present on Cyber Fraud Issues

                             FOS Shareholders Matt O’Neill and Mike Koutnik presented on the issue of cyber fraud in real estate at the March 19, 2018 meeting of the Apartment Association of Southeastern Wisconsin. Nearly 100 people attended the event to learn more about cyber fraud.

Don’t Be Insecure – Know Your Lien’s Priority

A business owner financing the sale of assets. A landlord fronting a tenant money for a new pizza oven. A farmer selling a tractor to his neighbor on credit. These three have at least one thing in common: each is acting as a lender. And as a lender, each wants to ensure the security of.