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You’re Living Together? At Your Age?

Cohabitation. Living together. Romantic renters. Very, very close roommates. Whatever you call it, it’s for young people, right? Wrong. The fastest-growing demographic of unmarried couples living together is seniors, according to reports.* Older adult couples may spurn marriage for specific financial reasons. For example, a divorced person remarrying before age 60 may lose social security.

Check all the Boxes for Estate Planning Protection

One would think that I, above most, would have my estate plan in shape. I’m not an estate planner by specialty, but I have worked on several cases involving estate planning and probate issues. Even if I don’t draft wills and trusts myself, I know that most people need them, and that they should be.

Larsen to 10 Percenter

FOS associate Bailey Larsen has been nominated as being a Top 10% Lawyer in the USA by Lawyers for Distinction. Bailey, a CPA, focuses her practice on taxation, estate planning and corporate matters.

Keep the Power in Your Power of Attorney

A general durable power of attorney (“POA”) is an essential part of an effective estate plan. A properly drafted POA appoints a trusted and financially knowledgeable person–the “attorney”–to handle the signer’s finances if he or she is unable to do so. A POA “attorney” will likely have transactions, on behalf of the POA’s principal, with.

No Better Time Than Now

Some people, hearing “estate planning,” may think of death, not life. True, a will or trust direct your assets’ distribution at death. But estate planning is about more than wills and trusts. Lawyers do their job when they draft your documents. Some tasks, though, still fall on you. One is to work to get your.

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