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New Lawyer, New Estate Plan

I graduated from North Dakota State on scholarship with a double major and two national championship rings from playing Division I football. I graduated from Marquette Law School with an accepted job offer at Fox, O’Neill and Shannon. Life seems to be going my way. That’s how life usually seems to go, until it takes.

Estate Planning With Step-Children

For better or worse (pun intended), a first marriage is not necessarily a person’s only marriage. Whether a first marriage ends in death or divorce, second, third and even fourth marriages increasingly occur. With multiple marriages comes the possibility of step-children. One marrying an older spouse may become a step-parent to teenagers. Toddlers, on the.

Is Your Estate Plan Prepared for Successive Deaths?

The deaths of Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher were great losses for entertainment fans. This duo will always epitomize movies —“Singing in the Rain,” “When Harry Met Sally”— Hollywood memorabilia —Reynolds’ costume collection was unparalleled— and mother/daughter tugs of war— “Postcards From the Edge.” The double whammy, of course, was that mother Reynolds.

Powers of Attorney In Special Relationships

In some relationships it is obvious that durable or health care powers of attorney are important. Between spouses. From elderly parent to caregiving child. From unmarried adult to trusted confidant. And, as this newsletter emphasizes, from “just turned 18” adult to his or her parents. In other relationships, however, formally appointing one person as another’s.

Where’s The Will? What Do We Do Now?

Good citizen and FOS client that you are, you’ve dutifully created your estate plan, leaving the original plan documents with your FOS attorney for safekeeping, and advising your family of their location. Gold medal for you. But what about those who shove their original documents in a drawer, or under their bed, without telling anyone.

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