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Divorced? Moving? Make Sure Your Child Can Come, Too.

You did the hard work. You negotiated a placement schedule in your divorce that works for you, your ex, and serves your child’s best interests. Now, you’re faced with a work restructuring, a promotion, or a life-changing job offer in your dream city. Can you move? Can your ex stop you? What about your child’s.

Is Your Alimony Deduction at Risk?

Alimony payments – referred to in Wisconsin courts as maintenance payments – have always been a hot-button negotiating point in divorce agreements. The recipient of the payments routinely points out that the classification of payments as alimony is beneficial to the payer, while adding income to the recipient, for tax purposes. The new Tax Cuts.

Plan Ahead To Avoid School Year Custody Disputes

The snow has melted. The rain finally stopped and the sun is shining (we hope). The pools will open soon. The kids are almost out of school and will be free for the summer, causing the annual household chaos. The last thing you want to think about is the next school year. After all, September.

New Supreme Court Case Clarifies Grandparent Visitation Rights

Divorces impact more than just the husband and wife. Parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors all feel a divorce’s impact. This is especially true in divorces involving young children. There, unfortunately, grandparents and stepparents may suddenly find themselves cut off from children with whom they shared a close relationship before the divorce..