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Search Online Court Records With Care

Many clients use the Wisconsin circuit court website, known as “CCAP,”, to obtain information about state civil and criminal court cases. CCAP information includes a case’s parties, judge, a list history, and status. One using CCAP, however, must be careful to avoid liability by unwittingly using such information for illegal purposes. For example, a.

Know your IRA – Know the recent IRA updates

UPDATE NO. 1 A year ago, I wrote about the case of In Re: Clark. In that case, a mother named her daughter as the beneficiary of the mother’s IRA. When the mother died, the daughter properly titled the IRA as an inherited IRA. She took required minimum distributions for a few years. Then the.

Retirement funds are exempt – except when inherited

For many years, it has been the law of the land that retirement plan accounts, including IRA’s, are exempt from the claims of creditors, including creditors in bankruptcy. The exemption has been available not only to the original owner of the account, but also to children or grandchildren who inherit the account. This offered a.