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Practice Corner: Strategic Arbitration – Everything Counts

Lawsuits involve a bit of procedural jockeying – substitution, consent to a magistrate judge, removal, picking a mediator. In arbitration, everything is up for grabs. Parties choose the arbitrators, set discovery’s scope, decide the hearing rules, and even choose the form of decision. If the arbitration agreement is basic, parties can challenge the arbitration locale.

Court Strengthens At-Will Employee Restrictive Covenants

An enforceable restrictive covenant (covenant not to compete) protects an employer’s business when an employee leaves the employer to work for a competing business or directly compete with the employer. A valid covenant prohibits an employee, for a reasonable time and within a reasonable geographic area, from competing with his former employer, including by using.

You Can’t Touch This: College Savings Accounts

It’s a common scenario: a customer refuses to pay, forcing a business to incur legal fees and court costs suing to recover the money owed. Once a judgment is obtained, the money must be collected, which is often more difficult than obtaining the judgment itself. One way debtors may seek to avoid collection is by.