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Chinese Tariffs – Any Way Around Them?

In today’s global market, virtually all businesses import goods in one form or another, primarily from China. Whether it be the component parts incorporated into final products or the equipment used to create those products, the goods that companies are importing from China are cutting deeper into their pocketbooks at a significantly higher rate under.

Practice Corner: Strategic Arbitration – Everything Counts

Lawsuits involve a bit of procedural jockeying – substitution, consent to a magistrate judge, removal, picking a mediator. In arbitration, everything is up for grabs. Parties choose the arbitrators, set discovery’s scope, decide the hearing rules, and even choose the form of decision. If the arbitration agreement is basic, parties can challenge the arbitration locale.

Make Sure That Your Advertising Isn’t False

Imagine that you are the owner of a company that sells used manufacturing equipment. Over the years, you have sold a couple pieces of a certain type of equipment to a company, so when that type of used equipment came into your inventory, you called up the company and told them what you knew about.

Search Online Court Records With Care

Many clients use the Wisconsin circuit court website, known as “CCAP,”, to obtain information about state civil and criminal court cases. CCAP information includes a case’s parties, judge, a list history, and status. One using CCAP, however, must be careful to avoid liability by unwittingly using such information for illegal purposes. For example, a.