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O’Neill Participates as Panelist at Milwaukee Federalist Society Event

FOS Shareholder Matt O’Neill was a panelist at the October 24, 2017 meeting of the Milwaukee Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society. The panel discussed recent decisions of the Wisconsin Supreme Court regarding judicial deference to administrative agencies, Fourth Amendment protections, and Open Records. Matt’s fellow panelists included Wisconsin Solicitor General Misha Tseytlin and Rick.

Don’t Be Insecure – Know Your Lien’s Priority

A business owner financing the sale of assets. A landlord fronting a tenant money for a new pizza oven. A farmer selling a tractor to his neighbor on credit. These three have at least one thing in common: each is acting as a lender. And as a lender, each wants to ensure the security of.

The Dead Man’s Statute Will Soon Be Dead

Imagine that you and your siblings grew up learning the ins and outs of your father’s furniture business, and eventually joined your father in its operations. Now imagine that your father often said that he wanted the business to stay in the family, even after his death. Further imagine that, during an exceptionally profitable year,.

Resignation Starts Clock for Constructive Discharge Discrimination

If a company is around long enough, it may eventually be subject to an employment discrimination claim. One such claim can involve an employee alleging constructive discharge. Under discrimination law, a “constructive discharge” occurs when an employer makes working conditions so intolerable, often through harassment or retaliation, that an employee is effectively forced to resign..

Appeals Court Clarifies “Substantial Fault” Definition

A recent Wisconsin Court of Appeals decision provides insight into how courts will interpret a 2013 revision to Wisconsin’s unemployment insurance benefits law. Under that 2013 revision, terminated employees can be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits if the employee’s “substantial fault” resulted in the employee’s termination. Unfortunately, the legislature did not clearly define what “substantial.

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