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2018 has been a great year at FOS. The economic boom has generated an enormous amount of activity here, particularly in our corporate,  tax and real estate groups. We have been challenged at times, but nonetheless have kept up with the work. Mike Koutnik was made a partner this year. Mike mainly provides services  in.

A Year of Changes

2016 has been a year of great change at FOS. First and foremost, one of our beloved founders, Bruce O’Neill, passed away after a long struggle with ALS. Bruce was both a great lawyer and a wonderful friend to us all, and watching his courageous struggle inspired us. He, of course, will be greatly missed..

Life Changes. So Do Estate Plans.

My wife Lorna and I have not made many changes to our estate plan, which we had prepared initially when our first of three children were born. Our lives have been pretty straightforward (I am not going to say boring), so there were no major life events which required they be revisited. However, we have.

Take a New Look at the Milwaukee YMCA

For the last 12 months, Mike Koutnik, a real estate associate at FOS, and I have been honored to be assisting the Milwaukee YMCA in a myriad of real estate issues. The Milwaukee YMCA has been a great force for good in our community for over 150 years. The lives that organization has affected, for.

The Return of Commercial Real Estate

One of the interesting things about practicing real estate law over a period of decades is you get to experience first-hand the various business cycles that make or break business markets. In the early 80’s, with interest rates in double digits and the economy in recession, the commercial real estate market here was in a.