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Confidentiality Agreements are not Automatically Enforceable

Businesses routinely enter into confidentiality agreements to maintain their confidential and proprietary information. The Seventh Circuit, in nClosures Inc. v. Block and Co., Inc., 770 F.3d 998 (7th Cir. 2014), recently defined and narrowed the scope of enforceable confidentiality agreements. In that case, manufacturer and designer nClosures designed metal casings for electronics tablets; Block and.

Protecting family members with special needs

In 1991, our mother prematurely passed away and I was appointed legal guardian for my younger brother, Clancey, a minor, and my older brother Timothy, who is intellectually disabled. I have had the honor of being Timothy’s legal guardian for the past twenty-three years. Timothy has taught me the name and number of every starting.

Trust me – A subpoena doesn’t have to bite

As lawyers, we routinely receive calls from clients whose days have been abruptly interrupted by the service of a subpoena. A subpoena normally requires a witness to appear for a deposition at a lawyer’s office or to testify at a court hearing or trial. When calling, the client often sounds confused, panicked, or even angry..