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New Law Aids Buyers’ Sales Tax Inquiries

Purchasing a business involves multiple steps and a tremendous amount of due diligence. One important aspect of due diligence is determining the purchaser’s successor liability for the seller’s unpaid sales and use taxes. The purchaser and seller cannot contract away successor liability. Therefore, it is important that the buyer obtain full disclosure of any outstanding.

Supreme Court Expands SEC Rule Liability

Almost every corporate principal has heard of the “dreaded” Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 10b-5, which makes it unlawful in the securities context “(a) To employ any device, scheme, or artifice to defraud, (b) To make any untrue statement of a material fact . . . , or (c) To engage in any act,.

My Customer Filed for Bankruptcy! Now What?

Without any warning, you receive a notice from a bankruptcy court that a customer who owes you thousands of dollars has filed for bankruptcy. You’ve heard about companies going bankrupt, of course, but you’ve never been in the middle of one. What should you know? The notice should tell you what type of bankruptcy your.