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2020 Democratic Convention Set to Bombard Milwaukee

All eyes will be on Milwaukee next summer, as the Democratic Nominating Convention descends on our fair city July 13-16, 2020. The city kindly agreed to slide the Convention in between Summerfest and Festa Italiana, so we Milwaukeeans do not get bored or lonely in the middle of the summer. The Convention is expected to.

Gone Phishing – For Paychecks

In the old days, the heavily-armed robbers would wait in the shadows for the Brinks truck to pull up on payday, then storm their way through the back doors to grab the cash. Today the robbers sit at a laptop, eating chips and sipping soda, and fire off spoofed emails to HR looking for some.

Your Non-Solicitation Agreement May Not Be Enforceable

Employers beware, employees rejoice! A recent Wisconsin Court of Appeals decision casts doubt on the enforceability of common employee non-solicitation agreements. Employers routinely ask employees to sign non-competition agreements, limiting the employee’s ability to work for a competitor for a period of time. Wisconsin courts have upheld such agreements, if reasonably necessary to protect an.

It’s Voting Time – Check Your ID!

Wisconsin’s 2016 election season is under way. It promises to be exciting. Wisconsin’s late-in-the-season, April 5, 2016 Presidential Primary might even be relevant! There is nothing quite like a Presidential Election Year. To make sure your vote counts, follow these few reminders. 1. Voter ID is the law. To cast a ballot, you must present.

If You’re Not Amending, You’re Not Trying

We teach our kids: the only good writing is re-writing. Pleading is the same: the only good pleading is re-pleading. Before filing, you do your due diligence: gather client information, interview friendly witnesses, research the law, and navigate multiple drafts of the complaint. Still, you only know half the story. The defendants and less friendly.