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Plan Ahead To Avoid School Year Custody Disputes

The snow has melted. The rain finally stopped and the sun is shining (we hope). The pools will open soon. The kids are almost out of school and will be free for the summer, causing the annual household chaos. The last thing you want to think about is the next school year. After all, September.

The Dead Man’s Statute Will Soon Be Dead

Imagine that you and your siblings grew up learning the ins and outs of your father’s furniture business, and eventually joined your father in its operations. Now imagine that your father often said that he wanted the business to stay in the family, even after his death. Further imagine that, during an exceptionally profitable year,.

New Federal Law Adds to Companies’ Trade Secret Arsenals

If your business maintains trade secrets related to services or products intended for use across state lines, you may now have new remedies and a direct route to federal court in the event of misappropriation. Wisconsin’s trade secret statute, § 134.90, has been in place for many years. It provides compensatory and potential punitive damages.