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Viral expressions and catchphrases come and go at a rapid pace these days – seemingly catching the attention of the entire country at once. Who wouldn’t want to capitalize on that sort of popularity? Turns out, plenty of people do. Take, for example, the quick, recent rise of the phrase “OK, Boomer.” Whether you find.

Kinnel Honored by Wisconsin State Bar Award

FOS shareholder Laurna Kinnel has been honored with the State Bar of Wisconsin Young Lawyer’s Division’s Tenth Annual Outstanding Young Lawyer Award. Laurna received her state-wide award at the March 29, 2019 Young Lawyer’s Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. She will again be honored at the June 13, 2019 Member Recognition Ceremony during the State Bar.

Divorced? Moving? Make Sure Your Child Can Come, Too.

You did the hard work. You negotiated a placement schedule in your divorce that works for you, your ex, and serves your child’s best interests. Now, you’re faced with a work restructuring, a promotion, or a life-changing job offer in your dream city. Can you move? Can your ex stop you? What about your child’s.

You’ve Got Your Trademark – Now What?

You’ve taken all the right steps to protect your intellectual property – contacted your FOS attorney, defined your mark’s scope, and prepared and filed a trademark application for all proper international classes. At last, your trademark registration is approved. With the hard work done, you feel like sitting back and relaxing, secure in knowing that.

Court Restricts Non-Solicitation Agreements

FOS’s Fall 2017 newsletter discussed the potential impact on employee non-solicitation agreements of the then-pending Wisconsin Supreme Court case, The Manitowoc Company v. Lanning. The potential is now the reality. On January 19, 2018, the Court decided Lanning, 2018 WI 6. The Court held that a contractual provision restricting a former employee’s solicitation of employees.