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Fear The…Trademark Dispute?

While the Milwaukee Bucks were unable to beat the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Playoffs this year, the team will not have an easy off-season. Instead, the Bucks will be actively defending against a trademark opposition claim filed by the makers of Jägermeister liqueur. Jägermeister alleges, among other things, that the new Bucks logo is.

New Supreme Court Case Clarifies Grandparent Visitation Rights

Divorces impact more than just the husband and wife. Parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors all feel a divorce’s impact. This is especially true in divorces involving young children. There, unfortunately, grandparents and stepparents may suddenly find themselves cut off from children with whom they shared a close relationship before the divorce..

Legal Separation – A Workable Alternative to Divorce

When investigating the divorce process, one confusing area for many clients is the differences in process and effect between the formal status of a “legal separation” and a “divorce.” Understanding the differences between the two can help you weigh your options and decide which process is best for you. The process for a “legal separation”.

“Legal Custody” vs. “Physical Placement”

Many clients are confused about the differences between legal custody and physical placement, or believe that they refer to the same thing. However, in Wisconsin, legal custody and physical placement are two completely different concepts. Understanding the difference between these legal terms and their implications is important for anyone going through a divorce with children..

When the Daubert Standard Does Not Apply

Most everyone is aware that, in 2011, Wisconsin became a Daubert state – meaning that Wisconsin adopted the Daubert standard for determining whether expert testimony is admissible as evidence. Earlier this year, the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued its 5-2 ruling in the consolidated cases State v. Alger and State v. Knipfer, 2015 WI 3, that.