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In the middle of an already hectic workday, a government agent shows up and serves your company with a subpoena. Are you in trouble? It is not uncommon for the government to serve a company with a subpoena duces tecum for documents, often as part of a broader investigation which may have little to do.

Corporate Internal Investigations: A Strong Response

It can happen to any company. A few rogue employees break the rules and put the whole company at risk. Could be anything. Theft from a customer, grossly unprofessional conduct, or illegal activities at the workplace. Now, the company might face a potential lawsuit, government investigation, fines, or, worst of all, criminal indictment. Government agents,.

The Fifth – Not Only For the Guilty

The hallowed Fifth Amendment: “No person…shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.” This  privilege, which applies only to individuals, protects any statement that might even tend to incriminate. It extends not only to direct admissions of wrongdoing, but to any statement that “furnish[es] a link in the chain of.

Tax Fraud Investigation? Yes, You Could Be a Target!

Most people hate filing taxes. We do our best to complete the forms and pay our taxes with accuracy, if not precision. Even when we don’t, the worst we expect is an audit. We don’t expect that our returns could land us in the middle of a criminal tax fraud investigation. Prosecutors and IRS Criminal.

Grand Jury Subpoenas: A Trap for the Unwary

A grand jury subpoena is an indispensable tool for government prosecutors to gather evidence in a criminal investigation. Prosecutors can use a grand jury subpoena to compel individuals to testify under oath before a federal grand jury, or to produce documents or both. Prosecutors can have a grand jury subpoena served on a company as.