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Time Has Run Out On Local Time of Sale Requirements

For years, municipalities were able to enact various requirements that needed to be met before title to property could be transferred. These obligations were known as Time of Sale Requirements and their content and enforcement was generally left to the municipality’s discretion. Such requirements could range from having the property inspected to having improvements made.

Practice corner – Real estate

We’ve all read stories in the press over the last several years, that the bottom fell out of the real estate market. We’ve seen for ourselves how real estate values have dropped, and how properties have been taken over by banks, either through formal foreclosure or a borrower’s surrender. Sad stories abounded. But recently, we’ve.

Separation agreements and older workers

Your sales team is underperforming, so you’ve decided to cut the 5 employees with the worst records. Or, your employer is undergoing reorganization, and you’ve heard that your department is going to be downsized by 10%. Even though employment may be “at will,” employers often offer separation agreements to departing employees. Those employees get some.