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Supreme Court Turns Overtime Analysis Upside Down

The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) generally requires employers to pay overtime compensation – for over 40 hours worked per week – to covered employees. However, the law specifies 30 exceptions where overtime is not required to be paid to employees performing certain types of duties. One exception is for “any salesman, partsman, or mechanic.

How do the New Individual Tax Changes Affect You?

Like him or hate him, President Trump recently passed his first major legislation while in office with the tax reform bill passing through the senate in a 51-48 vote. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“Tax Act”) not only substantially reduced the corporate tax rate, but made significant changes to individual taxes as well. The.

Tax Filing Tips

No one knows the future of the Tax Code. But we all should know that the April 18, 2017 tax filing deadline is rapidly approaching! While tax season may not be your favorite time of year, the following tax filing tips can ease the process and prevent the assessment of tax penalties. File on time. Individual.

Patent Trolling Prevention in Wisconsin

In recent years, “patent trolls” have increasingly acquired large patent portfolios, not to innovate or create products, but to leverage payments from so-called patent “infringers.” These trolling companies send form demand letters to targeted patent owners, accusing them of infringement, often with no description of infringing conduct or even the so-called infringed patent. To avoid.

New Law Grants Landlords Additional Means to Remove Tenants

Do you suspect your tenant, a family member, or “guest” is conducting criminal activity on your property? Under a new Wisconsin landlord-tenant law, landlords may now evict that tenant through a five day notice. New Wis. Stat. §704.17(3m) provides landlords additional remedies to protect their property, other tenants, and themselves from a tenant or someone.