Plan Ahead To Avoid School Year Custody Disputes

The snow has melted. The rain finally stopped and the sun is shining (we hope). The pools will open soon. The kids are almost out of school and will be free for the summer, causing the annual household chaos. The last thing you want to think about is the next school year. After all, September.

Don’t Be Insecure – Know Your Lien’s Priority

A business owner financing the sale of assets. A landlord fronting a tenant money for a new pizza oven. A farmer selling a tractor to his neighbor on credit. These three have at least one thing in common: each is acting as a lender. And as a lender, each wants to ensure the security of.

Manian Chief Scout

FOS shareholder Jacob Manian participated in the 2017 Boy Scout Law Merit Badge Clinic on April 29, 2017 at the Milwaukee Bar Association. The event was a resounding success, as dozens of Wisconsin scouts spent the day learning about the law. The day culminated with Attorney Manian conducting a mock jury trial, with scouts playing.

FOS in the News

FOS shareholder Laurna Kinnel was elected President of the Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association at its annual meeting on May 18, 2017. FOS shareholder Matthew O’Neill has been certified to the Wisconsin Pro Bono Honor Society, based on his volunteer legal representation of, among others, incarcerated persons. With FOS shareholder Thomas Shannon serving as Chair, the.

Fear The…Trademark Dispute?

While the Milwaukee Bucks were unable to beat the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Playoffs this year, the team will not have an easy off-season. Instead, the Bucks will be actively defending against a trademark opposition claim filed by the makers of Jägermeister liqueur. Jägermeister alleges, among other things, that the new Bucks logo is.