The Dead Man’s Statute Will Soon Be Dead

Imagine that you and your siblings grew up learning the ins and outs of your father’s furniture business, and eventually joined your father in its operations. Now imagine that your father often said that he wanted the business to stay in the family, even after his death. Further imagine that, during an exceptionally profitable year,.

Easements Don’t Last Forever

You and your neighbor both access the street through a driveway which is located on the neighbor’s property. To confirm your right to use the driveway, your neighbor has provided you with an easement approved by your FOS attorney. Now that the easement is recorded, you’re done, right? Not necessarily. Under an often overlooked Wisconsin.

Take Inspection Contingency Seriously

Offers to purchase typically condition a purchase contract on a third-party’s physical inspection of the property. If the inspection discloses a material deficiency under the offer, depending on the offer language, the buyer may rescind the offer and obtain return of the earnest money. Or, depending on the offer language, the buyer may require that.

Overtime Rule Delay: What Does It Mean For You?

Many business owners spent the second half of 2016 prepping and planning for the sweeping so-called “white collar” overtime rules to go into effect on December 1, 2016. But a ruling at the end of November by a Texas federal judge put the proposed changes on hold. They have been on hold ever since. This,.

Biweekly Paychecks Can Cause Headaches for Employers

Biweekly paychecks. Employees receive paychecks on the same day (say, Friday) every other week. Depending on leap years, which day of the week payday falls on, and employer payment policies, biweekly paychecks can be complicated, time consuming and frustrating for employers. Take leap year. Leap years cause biweekly payroll problems every 11 or 12 years..