Sign of the Times: Time to Update Workplace Posters

Those signs hanging in the employee break room may be due for an update. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) released three new or revised posters that, as of August 1, 2016, apply to most employers. The first poster relates to the new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations issued earlier this year. The new.

End to Valuation Discounts?

A common technique to minimize gift and estate taxes on the transfer of a family business to younger family members may soon be ending. When an ownership interest in a family business is transferred, its value is usually discounted for lack of control and/or lack of marketability. The discounts typically range from 30% to 40%.

FOS in the News

FOS shareholder Matthew O’Neill presented “Minority Shareholder Rights in Wisconsin” at the December 2, 2016 Wisconsin State Bar program “Trending Topics in Business Litigation.

Bruce C. O’Neill: The Best

Our hearts broke September 3, 2016, when we lost our beloved litigator, partner, mentor, counselor, orator, toastmaster and friend, Bruce O’Neill. He passed away from ALS, a loathsome disease deserving of banishment to Dante’s ninth ring of hell. Bruce was among the very best litigators in Wisconsin. A superlative strategist, gifted writer and peerless speaker,.

Keep Your Holidays Safe and Merry

Holiday parties. Love them or hate them, they’re a year-end ritual. Almost all of us host or attend at least one festive function during the season. Food, music, alcohol. What could go wrong? Plenty, if you don’t monitor your own and others’ actions. Hosting a party? Watch out for thirsty teens. Wisconsin’s host immunity statute.