Appeals Court Clarifies “Substantial Fault” Definition

A recent Wisconsin Court of Appeals decision provides insight into how courts will interpret a 2013 revision to Wisconsin’s unemployment insurance benefits law. Under that 2013 revision, terminated employees can be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits if the employee’s “substantial fault” resulted in the employee’s termination. Unfortunately, the legislature did not clearly define what “substantial.

FOS on the Move

FOS shareholder Matthew O’Neill moderated the panel “Holding Government to Account: Changes to Oversight of Wisconsin’s Ethics and Elections Laws.” The presentation occurred at the State Bar of Wisconsin’s annual convention, which was held in Green Bay, Wisconsin on June 16, 2016. FOS shareholder Diane Slomowitz’s article, “Screen Reading: Will Mandatory E-filing Change How We.

Patent Trolling Prevention in Wisconsin

In recent years, “patent trolls” have increasingly acquired large patent portfolios, not to innovate or create products, but to leverage payments from so-called patent “infringers.” These trolling companies send form demand letters to targeted patent owners, accusing them of infringement, often with no description of infringing conduct or even the so-called infringed patent. To avoid.

Food from the Bar

FOS won the “Best Participation Rate” prize in the Milwaukee Bar Association’s inaugural “Food from the Bar” campaign. The campaign was a month-long “friendly” competition among local law firms, all to benefit Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. FOS’s participation rate was a whopping 100%! “Food from the Bar” raised more.

Barczak Crafts Digital Property Law

FOS congratulates of-counsel Kenneth Barczak for his participation in the development of Wisconsin’s new Digital Property Act. Ken was a member of the committee which helped craft the statute’s language. The Act expands and details the authorized disclosure of digital property, such as email, social media and online banking accounts, to fiduciaries, including personal representatives,.