Be Safe This Holiday Weekend: Law Enforcement will be looking to make OWI/DUI Arrests

The Fourth of July Holiday usually involves gathering with friends and family for cookouts, having a few beers and hopefully enjoying nice weather. Unfortunately, it is also an occasion when many people get arrested for Operating while Intoxicated (OWI) or Driving under the Influence (DUI). Each Fourth of July Holiday, local law enforcement agencies increase.

Overtime Changes More Than Double Salary Thresholds

On May 18, the Labor Department made drastic changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) overtime rules for certain administrative and professional executive employees. The FLSA contains a so-called “white collar” exemption, which applies to certain executive, administrative, and professional employees. Under this exemption, employees with certain job duties, paid on a salary basis,.

New Law Grants Landlords Additional Means to Remove Tenants

Do you suspect your tenant, a family member, or “guest” is conducting criminal activity on your property? Under a new Wisconsin landlord-tenant law, landlords may now evict that tenant through a five day notice. New Wis. Stat. §704.17(3m) provides landlords additional remedies to protect their property, other tenants, and themselves from a tenant or someone.

Early Intervention Key to Favorable Criminal Charge Outcome

Most people with clean records want to keep them that way. A drug or domestic offense arrest can adversely impact a person’s employment and freedom. A charge relating to a domestic offense can remove one from the home and restrict family contact. People also worry that an arrest will be a public record, accessible to.

FOS on the Move

FOS shareholder Francis Hughes has been reelected to the Board of Governors of the St. Thomas More Lawyers Society of Wisconsin. FOS shareholder Matthew O’Neill has been recognized as a Top Attorney by The American Registry/Worldwide Branding, LLC. FOS shareholder Laurna Kinnel has been elected President-Elect of the Milwaukee Young Lawyers Association.