Be Safe This Holiday Weekend: Law Enforcement will be looking to make OWI/DUI Arrests

Memorial Day weekend usually involves gathering with friends and family for cookouts, having a few beers and hopefully enjoying nice weather. Unfortunately, it is also an occasion when many people get arrested for Operating while Intoxicated (OWI) or Driving under the Influence (DUI). Each Memorial Day weekend, local law enforcement agencies increase patrols focusing on.

Young People Need Estate Plans

Ah, youth. The world is yours—or will be, when you earn some money. Nothing can stop you—maybe, not even death. Optimism is great. But, as Mike Koutnik’s article explains, even optimists need some basic estate planning tools. What if you’re injured in a car accident or nasty fall? Without a health care power of attorney.

The Guy On TV Says I Can Do My Own Will!

We’ve all seen the ads and on late-night TV: “Need a will? No problem. Just give us your address and payment information, and we’ll send you the forms. Fill in the blanks and you’re done!” You may be done all right, in more ways than one. There are main reasons clients come to estate planning.

Aunt Mary – Guess What I’m Leaving You In My Will?

To non-estate planners (i.e., most of the population), the technical estate planning process can be eye-numbingly dry. Wills with sub-parts and sub-sub-parts. Book-length trusts. Lawyer language everywhere. Yes, you have to read your estate plan documents. And yes, your FOS attorney will make sure you understand them. Your estate plan, after all, is YOUR mandate.

Don’t Forget your Health Care Power of Attorney

Reality TV personality Khloe Kardashian and former NBA player Lamar Odom were in the midst of a public divorce, after an extended separation, when Lamar’s drug overdose put him into a coma. Lamar regained consciousness, but suffered severe cognitive and physical injuries which may never fully heal. Lamar never created a health care power of.