Game-Changing Federal “Proportionality” Discovery Rule Effective December 1, 2015

Excessive discovery requests. We’ve all received them. A $30,000 contract case “demands” multiple interrogatories, document requests, and deposition notices. More time and fees are spent on preparing responses or protective order motions than on the case’s limited issues. Unending discovery becomes a settlement tactic, not an investigational tool. All that will change for federal cases.

Koutnik Appointed to Haggerty Museum of Art Board

FOS associate Michael Koutnik has been appointed to a three-year term on the Board of the Friends of the Haggerty Museum of Art, located at Marquette University. The Board supports the Haggerty Museum, its innovative exhibitions and educational outreach programs.

If You’re Not Amending, You’re Not Trying

We teach our kids: the only good writing is re-writing. Pleading is the same: the only good pleading is re-pleading. Before filing, you do your due diligence: gather client information, interview friendly witnesses, research the law, and navigate multiple drafts of the complaint. Still, you only know half the story. The defendants and less friendly.

Don’t Forfeit Your Right to Challenge Federal Forfeitures

We typically think of government forfeitures involving the seizure of money or fancy vehicles from suspected drug dealers pursuant to an arrest. This is not always the case. A person found to be traveling with lots of cash, or a small business owner who regularly makes bank deposits of $10,000 or less, such as a.

Practice Corner: Strategic Arbitration – Everything Counts

Lawsuits involve a bit of procedural jockeying – substitution, consent to a magistrate judge, removal, picking a mediator. In arbitration, everything is up for grabs. Parties choose the arbitrators, set discovery’s scope, decide the hearing rules, and even choose the form of decision. If the arbitration agreement is basic, parties can challenge the arbitration locale.