Holiday Help for Divorced Parents

The holidays can be stressful for everyone, but for divorced or divorcing parents, the stress can be even greater. While your marital settlement agreement or temporary orders may have written down in black and white where the kids will be on what day, the details of co-parenting around holiday events are often left to parties.

FOS Lawyers are Super

FOS congratulates FOS shareholders Bruce O’Neill, Matt O’Neill, and Shannon Allen, and FOS of-counsel Ken Barczak, for being named Super Lawyers. All four are formally recognized in the December, 2014 Super Lawyer edition of Milwaukee Magazine as top Wisconsin 2014 business litigation attorneys. This is the ninth year in which Bruce, Matt and Ken have.

Affordable Care Act Creates a New Protected Class

Race. Gender. Religion. With the 2014 mid-term elections, it is easy to think of these terms in the context of mudslinging political ads. However, in the employer-employee context, these terms represent “protected classes.” As an employment-at-will state, the general rule is that a Wisconsin employer can discharge an employee for good cause, bad cause, or.

FOS Attorneys Top Rated

Seven FOS shareholders have been named 2014 Top Rated Lawyers by American Lawyer Media (ALM) and Martindale-Hubbell ™. Tom Shannon has been honored in the real estate specialty. Fran Hughes has been honored in the real estate specialty. Mike Hanrahan has been honored in the labor and employment law specialty. Bill Soderstrom has been honored.