Your will gives you the last word – Use it!

Human nature has many idiosyncrasies, but two stand out in the context of estate planning. We like to believe we control our destiny. And we want to have the last word. An estate plan lets you achieve both goals. You can specify who will and will not inherit your assets. And you can condition your.

Password, password, who’s got the password?

The date you married. The date your first child was born. The date your second child was born. The date you got your dog. Your address, backwards. We’ve all got passwords. To access our computers, cell phones and tablets. For online bill payments. Bank/credit cards. ATMs. Netflix. Facebook and Twitter. Even Paypal and Ebay (if.

Inherited IRAs and bankruptcy creditors

IRAs represent the biggest part of U.S. retirement assets, according to the Investment Co. Institute. Many of us will inherit one or more IRAs when a family member dies. IRAs have been protected from IRAs’ owners’ creditors in bankruptcy. But what about an IRA that you inherit from your father or mother? Is that IRA.

Even movie stars forget to update their estate plans

The only constant in life is change. We grow up. We start our career. We get married, buy a house, and sign those first mortgage papers. We have a child, and obtain an estate plan, in case the worst happens (which, we think, never will). We move up in our job, and acquire more assets..

The Packers, beer, cheese and……health care powers of attorney

When non-Wisconsinites think of our great state, they think of beer. Cheese (and cheeseheads). The Packers. Even the polka. Well, there is a new addition to the list of Wisconsin’s great accomplishments. Health Care Powers of Attorney (HCPOAs). Yes, you read that right. An HCPOA is a written directive stating the signer’s wishes regarding medical.