FOS Serves the Community

FOS employees, family and friends will ride in the September 14, 2014 Zoological Society of Milwaukee Ride on the Wild Side. In addition, the “Karen Fox Trotters,” FOS’s Komen Race for the Cure team, is gearing up for the September 21, 2014 walk/run. Funds aid breast cancer research. FOS held its service day earlier this.

FOS Intern

Fouachua Xiong successfully completed her FOS high school internship, sponsored by the Eastern District Bar Association. Foua was mentored by FOS shareholders Matt O’Neill and Shannon Allen.

You say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to

You say independent contractor (“IC”), the state says employee (“EE”). No big deal, right? Wrong. Far from a simple semantics issue, misclassifying EEs as ICs can have serious financial consequences. Federal and state agencies are looking with increasing scrutiny at how employers classify EEs and ICs. And, if you think that this is just a.

FOS on the move

FOS associate Michael Koutnik has joined the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin, serving on the Association’s Philanthropy Committee. FOS shareholder Diane Slomowitz’s articles, “It’s the Little Things That Get You” and “Don’t Sabotage Your Appeal,” were published in the July 2, and July 21, 2014, electronic editions of the Wisconsin Law Journal. Slomowitz writes a.

Sweepstakes rules aren’t a game

Your company wants to try a new promotion to attract business and build goodwill. “Let’s do a sweepstakes,” you think. “We’ll just copy one from the internet. What could go wrong?” Plenty, unless your sweepstakes rules are reviewed by an attorney knowledgeable in the law of illegal lotteries. An illegal lottery has three components: prize,.