The real facts about the fiscal cliff

Taxes! Fiscal cliff! Now that the election is over, those buzzwords are a reality not a political ad. The fiscal cliff is a combination of expiring tax provisions and spending cuts to take place in 2013. During his campaign, President Obama discussed tax proposals that would help curb the impact of the fiscal cliff. Below.

FOS on the move

FOS shareholder Gregory J. Ricci recently spoke on drafting business contracts and negotiating strategies as part of the National Business Institute’s Business Contracts A to Z seminar. Also, at the Milwaukee Bar’s seminar on LLC Formation he presented on the formation, operation and complex tax issues of LLCs. FOS shareholder Matt O’Neill moderated the 5th.

Make your charitable contributions golden

Contributions to charities are tax deductible if the substantiation requirements in the Internal Revenue Code are satisfied. The recent case of Durden v. Commissioner, TC Memo 2012-140, illustrates what happens when a taxpayer does not strictly comply with the substantiation requirements. There are two substantiation requirements for cash contributions. First, a taxpayer must keep a.

Where are your old insurance policies?

Commercial General Liability (“CGL”) insurance policies are usually about two inches thick and are written in a way that might make the IRS Code seem like a dime store paperback. Thus, after such policies have sat on a shelf for a few years without being looked at, business people may have an urge to put.

FOS lawyers are “super”

FOS congratulates Bruce O’Neill, Matt O’Neill and Ken Barczak for being named Super Lawyers for the 7th year in a row. All were formally recognized in the December, 2012 Super Lawyer edition of Milwaukee Magazine as top attorneys in Wisconsin for 2012. An FOS senior partner, Bruce specializes in commercial litigation and family law. He.