Trademarks & Service Marks

As a full-service business law firm, Fox, O’Neill & Shannon understands the key role brand recognition plays in a company’s global success. The firm’s attorneys help protect our client’s unique name(s), identity and reputation, by identifying, maintaining and preserving our client’s trademarks and service marks.

A trademark is a word, symbol, design or phrase, used individually or in combination, that identifies and distinguishes the source of goods of one party from those of another. A service mark is similar to a trademark, except it identifies and distinguishes the source of a service, rather than a product. FOS’s attorneys work closely with the firm’s clients to understand what sets apart the different types of marks.

FOS’s clients use trademarks and service marks every day. FOS represents all types of clients, from large international corporations to small start-ups, located throughout greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the United States and around the world. Our clients operate in many industries, including the manufacturing, advertising, soft drink, restaurant and technology industries. FOS helps these businesses identify their important intellectual property, because the firm’s attorneys understand the value that a strong intellectual property portfolio adds to any enterprise.

FOS’s trademark and service mark attorneys work closely with clients to select, research and clear marks for registration, and counsel clients on the ways in which to strengthen their brand. Our attorneys handle all aspects of the trademark/service mark process, from prosecuting applications and preparing renewals to monitoring against potentially infringing marks, handling actions for oppositions or cancellations, and licensing and assignments.

With businesses constantly seeking to strengthen their position in an increasingly competitive marketplace, litigation to protect important intellectual property assets is becoming more and more common. Disputes may arise from a legal challenge to a client’s trademark or service mark or a third-party’s violation of a client’s mark. FOS’s trademark and service mark attorneys work closely with the firm’s litigation team, to ensure the complete and proper protection its clients’ trademarks and service marks.

The trademark and service mark litigation attorneys at FOS, who work closely with our trademark attorneys, are: