Fox, O’Neill & Shannon (FOS) employment law attorneys stand ready to guide its business clients through their increasingly complex employment obligations.

The firm understands the disruptive effect an employment dispute can have on a business’ efficient operations. The firm also understands that a few basic and practical preventative actions can help an employer avoid or minimize costly and time consuming employee disputes.

Examples of the firm’s preventative action services include:

  • Training in preventing harassment and discrimination
  • Drafting and updating employee manuals
  • Complying with ADA issues
  • Drafting equal employment opportunity policies
  • Preparing sexual harassment and anti-discrimination policies
  • Preparing internet, computer, privacy and other policies
  • Drafting employee contracts, including non-compete agreements
  • Drafting severance agreements
  • Drafting and implementing policies to protect against theft of trade secrets
  • Providing advice on terminating employees so as to avoid legal claims, including when and how employees should be terminated
  • Advising on how to conduct interviews without violating the laws against discrimination
  • Advising on how to avoid and respond to sexual harassment claims, including investigating and properly documenting the results

When an employment dispute does arise, FOS stands with and for its clients in negotiating and, if necessary, litigating such matters to a successful resolution. The firm has substantial experience in litigating discrimination claims, including race, sex, age and disability discrimination, wrongful discharge claims, wage and hour issues, and contract disputes, including restrictive covenant and nondisclosure claims.

Claim Defense

Despite the best precautionary measures, not every employment dispute can be avoided. When an employer client is faced with an employment claim, FOS will provide the client with the best and most practical legal representation.

Discrimination complaints, for example, are among the most common claims employers face, whether involving termination, promotion, hostile work environment or retaliation issues.

In addition to the firm’s extensive experience in successfully defending against such claims, the firm has a proven track record defending employer clients in wrongful discharge, wage and hour, overtime, recordkeeping, OSHA, harassment, reasonable accommodation and plant closing disputes.

Employee Misconduct

FOS specializes in representing and protecting businesses whose employees leave to begin competing companies or to work for competitors.

When an employee wrongfully competes, FOS brings its wealth of experience to obtain injunctive and monetary relief for its clients. The firm has successfully litigated cases involving trade secret misappropriation, wrongful interference with contracts, theft and disclosure of proprietary and confidential information, unfair competition and usurpation of business opportunities.

Employee Complaints

FOS’s employment law attorneys do not only represent employers in employment disputes. The firm also assists employees in bringing complaints under Wisconsin and federal law against employers.

Wisconsin is an at-will employment state, under which employees can generally be terminated at any time, with or without notice and with or without cause. However, exceptions to this doctrine exist, including termination or adverse conduct motivated by illegal discrimination against protected classes and retaliation against employees for exercising their legal rights, including complaining about or bringing a harassment or discrimination claim.

Based on their expansive employment law experience, FOS’s employment law attorneys can efficiently and effectively investigate, analyze and counsel employee clients.