Campaign Finance & Election Law

Attorneys at Fox, O’Neill & Shannon have more than 20 years of experience advising political entities, political parties, corporate non-profit clients, trade organizations and candidates on state and federal campaign finance and election law matters.

In the wake of Citizens United and McCutcheon, the campaign finance laws have changed rapidly in the past few years, and are a frequent topic of public and legislative attention. FOS aids its clients by providing needed timely advice on campaign finance and disclosure requirements, at the state and federal level. The firm’s campaign finance attorneys ensure that clients, whether contributors, candidates, political action committees, individuals or corporations, comply with the applicable state and federal campaign laws which govern the amount and source of financing which may be donated to and used by a political campaign.

Election laws have become more important than ever during the past several state and national elections. The FOS election law attorneys counsel clients as to election law issues, including those arising in local, state and federal races. The firm assists clients in completing the documents necessary to become and remain a candidate.

The FOS campaign finance attorneys are also well-versed in the issues related to lobbying registration and lobbying activities.